Welcome to Sparta, Mississippi! If you are a fan of the TV series "In the Heat of the Night" like I am, you should visit Covington, Ga.

sparta, miss

(CLICK PLAY) above to hear the "In the Heat of the Night" theme by Ray Charles!   
Here are more comparisons!
I took locations taken from still scenes from the tv show, and put them next to the google location "streetview!" The tv scene is on the left, and the google location is on the right! We all know the main locations like the Police station, the clocktower, and so forth, so I did mostly secondary locations used only a few times! I tried to get as close as possible to the tv location so you can see the changes in 20-25 years! Some trees have grown, houses have been torn down, train tracks abandoned, and houses painted a different color! If you ever visit Covington, Ga, you can use the directions found on page one "sparta miss" on this site, to find different addresses! You can also use google maps to go to the location yourself on your pc! Enjoy...this took a while to put together! There will be more pages to come too!  

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