Welcome to Sparta, Mississippi! If you are a fan of the TV series "In the Heat of the Night" like I am, you should visit Covington, Ga.

sparta, miss

(CLICK PLAY) above to hear the "In the Heat of the Night" theme by Ray Charles! 

I visited Covington, Ga. (Sparta, Miss) again on September 30th, 2012! I had mapped out a few locations that I missed last time! Thanks to a few "Heat" fans who told me of filming spots, and a few I found myself! Below are the pictures that include:
The Old McGuffey house, included in a lot of episodes, including "falsely accused", where Bob Pinkney made a scene with Bill and Harriet! The Old McGuffy House is located in nearby Conyers, Ga. I also got a shot of Bob's car lot, where he sold the couple the "lemon!" Also, "dangerous engagement" Where Bill is mistaken for McComb, and Parker bets the farm on identifying the sniper! The restaurant is closed and for sale now, wanna buy it! I also took a shot of Bill's new house. Harriet was picking out wallpaper and Bill wants her to move in with him!  I got a shot of the bridge where Parker and Julie Lofton went in Legion Park to discover the water samples in "laid to waste!" In "sweet sweet blues", I found Nathan Bedford's house across the street from Legion Park. Mason's Dixieline bar is featured in a lot of episodes including "mosleys lot!"  The irony of it all, The Church of the Celestial Influence in the episode "Give me your life" is now really a church! By the way, it didn't burn down! Right behind it is the water tower with "Sparta" still written on it! In "little girl lost" I got a shot of the store where she bought her "tonic!" In "citizen trundel" I found Natalie DeLong's house, where she was killed! At the very beginning of the episode "citizen trundel pt1, I have included a shot of the church that was in the picture before the red Thunderbird with the killers inside, came around the corner!! In the episode "correct setting", Sam Quirt ran Bishop Prinn off the road. I got a shot of the shop where he returned the banged up car, and the church where Eugene was to meet the Bishop! The church is right across the street from the Tibbs' home! In the episode "and justice for some", there is supposed to be the home where the boy lived that got hit by the truck! Virgil and Althea's church, The African Zion Church, is featured in a lot of episodes including "odessa" and "kings ransom." Next to the church a lot of the "bottoms" section has been torn down! I hope that I have more time next time I visit there! In the mean time all my "Heat" fans....enjoy these! 

Here is a section that all of my heat fans can relate to! Unforgetable sayings from your favorite episodes!

If you want to guess which episode, cover up the right side of the screen now! Look closely for the answer to the right of the quote! 
The main one.... "Yea, What" I find myself answering the phone like the Chief does every now and then!


1-"Put another round in that big fat butt!"                                                                        "bounty hunter"
2-"Get your high beams on!"                                                                                             "a small war"
3-"It's a lie friends, for only I friends, witnessed the action!"                                          "sweet sweet blues"
4-"I'd bet the farm on it!"                                                                                                "dangerous engagement"
5-"Is this slow enough?"                                                                                        "bounty hunter"
6-"In the game of love there's got to be two winners, or none at all!"                               "last round"
7-"She's my real sister you know, I mean really real!"                                                       "first girl"
8-"And made a big old pin-cushion out of old Bubba...huh?"                                           "vengeance"
9-"Possum....scraped it off the road there...huh?"                                                          "indiscretions"
10-"If you were 20 years younger the only thing you would be is a younger corpse!"          "intruders"
11-"Guess I'm just gonna hang!"                                                                                        "conspiracy of one"
12-"Penny went in there and she couldn't even find the sit down!" 
                                   "poor relations"
13-"You must favor your mama son, you don't look a thing like your daddy!"               "dangerous engagement"
14-"Hi Bubba, remember me, I was in your Bible study class last summer!"                       "accused"
15-"The man contemplating murder hardly advises us of his intentions!"                         "first girl" 
16-"We are looking for the man who is the father of this child....of yours?"                   "bubba's baby"
17-"Turn out the lights, the partys over, all good things must end!" 
                           "shine on sparta moon"
18-"Crime justified by need would be the main occupation of the masses!"                        "sparta gold"
"That represents total misunderstanding of the role of police in society!"            "brothers keeper"
20-"Thanks for coming yau'll, nice to see yau'll, God bless yau'll!"                          "leftover man" 
21-"Freedom is of secondary importance, but tell him I need the space!"               "heart of gold"
22-"Romance is like a game of chess. One false move and you've had it!"         "dangerous engagement"   
23-"Fault goes to the man who had no right to the gun!"                                          "rudas awakening"      

(more to come....enjoy!)

By the way, if you have a great "heat" quote, or a comment about this page, let me know!
robert@djmadlad.com. I'd love to hear from all my "Heat" fans! I am a nut....how about you!
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