rare records

Here is Jr. Walker before he signed and was picked up by Motown! Here is the rare "Willie's Blues" on Harvey Records! (click play)
n addition to my 330+ radios and phonographs I have collected over the years, here are a few rare records from my record collection. Believe it or not, "LaLa Means I Love You" was not the first record by the Delfonics! Before they made it big, they had this local hit, "He Don't Really Love You!" (click play)  
Also "You've been Untrue" at around the same time. (click play)  
Susan Waters Cain, DHS-'69, was married to one of the Delfonics for a while, Randy Cain! Randy passed away April 9th, 2009.  
Here is the late Howard Scott Jr. singing his solo effort "Baby!" Howard passed away January 28, 2011!  
Barbara Mason came to the "Sportsmans Club" in 1975! I got her to sign my record! (click play) 
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