childhood tales IV


It was getting ready to be another great summer, and a break from school! Dad would register me at the Hunton Y for day camp. Hunton Y had arts and craft, pony rides, wrestling, archery, tumbling, factory tours,  baseball, and the POOL! On pool days, we would line up and walk two by two to the Jefferson Park Pool! The line wound include Mr. Edley in front, and Mr. Walker in back. Our volunteers included Melvin, Bip, Sterling and a lot more to keep us orderly and in line! First we would cross busy 12th St, and walk up Taylor St. We would then make a left and turn up 11th St. Then we would turn right on Floyd St, and continue over Park Ave. We would turn on 7th. and down to Pierce. Back then, Pierce intersected 5th St at the bridge where Harris Tire Co. is now. After crossing over the bridge, we turned right on Chambers St. We then went up the hill to 2nd. St. Coming up the hill I think I remember the Turner family would be on their porch  to push us on like we were in a parade! I think that they had a fire at their house in the 70's, I wonder what happened to them? Coming up the hill now, you see a vacant lot where they used to live. We would then turn on York St, then a straight shot to the Pool! The Jefferson Pool, you first had to go through the door for a head count. Next was the coldest shower in the kill germs....ok? You would then follow a winding ramp to the pool! after a refreshing few hours, we would dry off, leave your towels in the laundry room, and follow the same route back to the Y! I remember one summer the pool was not included in the agenda for day camp to everyones disappointment. It seems that a group tried to integrate the Miller park pool, so the city closed them all! I remember my Dad saying that not only did they close the pool, but they filled it in never to be used again! Here we go...."OH NO!" No more Pool! All us campers were really sad till the Y came up with an idea! They got permission to swim at the Lodge of the Fisherman, now Church of the Covenant in Boonsboro. They provided city busses to take us there....I remember singing the song "On top of spaghetti, I saw my poor meatball" something like that to and from the Y! We also toured the Bakery on Park Ave. I remember loaves of bread coming down the conveyor belt! We toured the shoe factory where the Boys & Girls Club is now! It was fun, and well worth the walk! Below is a shot of the Jefferson Park Pool! I am trying to find a better picture.....ths one was taken after a bad storm hit Lynchburg! The mess was quickly cleaned up!

STORY # 17  "YOU HAVE A _______ IN YOUR ________!
I was always a "What if?" person! Sometimes it was good like..."What if we had a Soul station in Lynchburg?" Sometimes it was bad, like this time! Ok....heres what happened...It was near Christmas, and time to put up the decorations! They weren't as extravagant as they are now. With the LED technology, you can create beautiful, large displays! Most of us had lights that stayed on steady all the time, or you could put a blinker in the line for off,on,off,on, and that was it! Every year Dad would do down to the A&P downtown on 12th St, and buy a Christmas Tree. This set you back $3.00, and I always got to pick it out! The tree went in the living room in front of the picture window. The lights went along the eves on the front porch and went to the porch light that had an outlet. You could then control the lights by turning on the switch in the house. Last but not least, the reef was placed on the front door! We did the same thing every year, with the same lights, stored in the closet upstairs. This year was different....Dad bought a blinker, a small device that you plugged the lights into, then you plugged it in the outlet. You hit the switch....waited a few minutes.... lights off,on,off,on! Wow, cool! It was still daylight, and I couldn't wait till it got dark to cut on the lights! My sister and parents were in another part of the house and that left me alone with the lights! What if?........ What if I plugged the TV into the blinker?? I wanted to see what, tv-on, tv-off,! fate would have it right at that moment, there was a knock at the door? The guys! Lets go play on the basketball court at Payne School! I'm on my way! After a few hours playing ball....I thought nothing of seeing the Harry Haga tv repair truck at my house when I got home! I don't remember too much after the repair man said "Lady you have a blinker in your TV set!!" Here it comes..."OH NO! I forgot to take the blinker out!" Dad and I did that dance....round and round...holding one on my hands....belt whailing in the other....round and round we went! The repair bill came out of my allowance....!! I found out that the blinker could have burned out our RCA tv set if it had stayed in the circuit a little longer! 

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