childhood tales III

In remembrance of the passing of Phillip Mack (Mr. Allied Cab), I thought of another true story from my childhood! Mom and Dad installed a new wall phone in our Pierce St. home when I was 6-7 years old. I had no idea that the number the phone company gave us would be leading to big problems! Our new number, my parents made me memorize it was 2-7309. The number system changed a few months later to another I had to memorize, 845-7309....Victor 5-7309! This would happen, and usually really late at night. The phone would ring....Dad would answer...."Hello?" "Yau'll got a cab in??" Dad told them they had the wrong number. No harm done right? A few nights later, usually on the weekend and late...."Yau'll got a cab in??" No you have the wrong number? This would happen often, maybe three times a week, but it interrupted their sleep teaching school with a 45 minute drive both ways wasn't no fun after a while! It seems that Allied Cab's number was 845-7039, close to ours, 845-7309!! Allied couldn't change their was painted on every cab(and still is)! We couldn't change ours, it was on all of Dad's documents, papers, Jackson St. Church we were stuck! Mistakes went on all the time, sometimes often, sometimes none for weeks. I remember one interesting wrong number..... Mom answered the phone late one night. "Got a Cab in??" Mom said no, you have the wrong number! A few seconds later, the same guy called again....."Got a Cab in?? Mom said no you got the wrong number...again! Nice as my Mom was, she wanted to help, so she said "You dialed 845-7309, you need to dial 845-7039 for Allied Cab....ok? The guy said "Not ok....lady I just used my last two dimes calling you! Listen lady....There is nothing open to make change for another call.....I need you to call Allied Cab for me and send it to Kemper St, train station! Please lady....please!! What do you think my Mom did at 1:00 in the morning??? Well....she called Allied, explained the situation to them, and a Cab was sent out to the guy at Kemper St. Station!


As if Allied cab riders were calling often, it seems that our number was close to another number! Not as often as Allied, we would get a call from a patient of Dr. Whitehouse! Dr. Whitehouse is a famous Physician and Surgeon at Lynchburg General. In the phonebook was listed his emergency number at his residence! One night, late, Mom got a call...."Hello" "May I speak to Dr. Whitehouse?" "Lady you've got the wrong number" "No, it can't be, I have to talk to Dr. Whitehouse!" "Lady, you dialed my number by mistake....let me help you, My number is 845-7309, Dr. Whitehead's number is 845-3709!" "Lady.....I am sick and can barely see! Can you please call him and tell him to call Mrs.-----, he has my number! Please lady.....I might have to go to the hospital!" Guess what Mom did?? Wow, our phone..... we told all our friends to call early because we might not answer the phone late at night! Where was "caller ID?" There is one thing in all of this that I have always wondered about? Did anyone ever call Dr. Whitehouse looking for a Cab??????


Robert S. Payne Elementary School in 1961, and I am sure that there were others that had the same problems as the schools of today. Getting bullied.... My son Jarred was bullied at Heritage Elementary, and an accident stopped it in its tracks. Some kid was knocking his books out of his hands and running off, other things too! One evening we had to rush straight from his Karate class to a PTO meeting , and he didn't have time to go home and change clothes, so we arrived with his Karate uniform on, complete with Black belt! Jarred had no problem at school from then on!!
Anyway, we had 30 cent delicious lunches at school, with a few kids bringing theirs. One day we saw Billy talking to this upper classman, and then give him something? We had a little group at the time, the same ones that played together with us after school. Billy told us that the guy got his lunch money under threat of getting beat up! way! He was almost in tears... We all got together and hustled up between us 30 cents for him to get lunch! Next day....same thing.... We found out that this had been going on for a little while! It got so bad that the bully didn't have to say anything, just hold his hand out! Enough is enough....sombody had to tell the teacher or something, but everyone was scared! Yes....I told the teacher, and I thought that was all I had to do! She asked me could I identify the bully, I said yes. She asked who else had been giving this guy money? A few more classmates said yes! The teacher lined up all the victims and me....I was to identify him!  (Here is comes)  "OH NO!" We went up to the older kids rooms upstairs and the teacher said someone has been taking money from the kids on the schoolyard.....Goins.....who is it?? I went up to him, bold wasn't I, and said "this guy!" He denied it over and over, but the other kids with me spoke up and said, "Yes that's him!" I never knew what happened to the guy, we all just went back to class. We weren't bothered again, I do know that Billy was glad, and grateful to me for stepping up...besides....I was running out of spare change! Thinking about it... this reminds me of a Halloween incident that happened to us. We would go around to get candy in a large group, maybe 5-8 kids. We had each collected a large amount of candy, and were headed home when the unthinkable happened! Two guys sneaked up on us and tried to snatch our bags of candy! It was a fight to the finish, we held on to our bags for dear life, but Ron lost his! During the scuffle, the mask that one of them wore came up a little bit, just enough for a brief identification... I think it was the same bully! I have never said anything to the guys, but when he said "Come on lets go!!" it was the same voice! If you want to know who the bully was, ask next time you see me and I'll tell you. I don't want to print it here, besides he has passed away!   
I have a lot more tales to tell! 
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