childhood tales

I have thought about writing a book like Connie, Bruce, Arthur, and many other classmates have done, but I don't think that I have anything to offer that everybody doesn't already know about! Kid sees need to start a Soul station, builds station, gets hired by station, becomes a dj....ect.....everyone knows the story! 

This page of "childhood tales" is a lot of family time with me and my sister Cornelia, my neighborhood friends and adventures I remember as a child. 

Here is a Christmas story. The holidays were closing in a few months before Christmas 1959, third grade, Mrs. Meade's class at Payne school. I'm 8 years old, and I want a three speed English racer bike for Christmas! Dad kinda said yes, before he found out how much it cost. It was $49.99 at Guggenheimers Department store downtown, a couple of hundred dollars now! I told all my friends that I was getting this bike...ok...yea...sure you are...right?? Ok it was October 1959, where can you hide a bike from a kid that knew every square inch of my Pierce St. home? My Dad had a best friend, Harry Royal, also a teacher in Campbell County. His boys were starting College, and the ideal place to stash a bike for a while. Dad thought that he had gotten away with it! Well....fate came in, heres what happened.... A few days before Christmas, The Royals got called away and out of town for an emergency. Mr. Royal thought about our gifts, and called Dad, he had completely forgot about it! He told Dad that he would be back the day after Christmas, can you stall your kids? Oh no.....Dad woke me up, and told me the bad news.....Santa got the Pierce St. addresses  mixed up.....My bike was at 707 Pierce, instead of 1502! All the kids had their skates, scooters, wagons, and I heard... "Hey Goins....where is this bike you supposed to bike.....!!" Happy ending, I got my bike a day late and was the envy of the neighborhood, only one problem!? The bike was so big I couldn't reach the petals, even though the seat was all the way down! I had to ride on the luggage rack, with a pillow, and hoped that I wouldn't have to brake suddenly! I resembled a kid on a big black "big wheel!" All were pointing.....gee I looked funny going down the street, but I was happy! 
Ok! We got our first hi-fi! I wanted us to get something special to play our records on....something loud and we can party to! My little Webcor record player had no bass, and sounded like a transistor radio....come on Dad? Claude had a hi-fi, Ronnie, Dot, and a lot more all had them! The Reids across the street had one! Right across the street at Dr. Johnsons house in the basement, he bought a console stereo for Arthur Ashe and his other Tennis stars to dance to! The Farrows up the street had could hear it all the way to our house when Ms. Anna would be playing "Cry Baby" by Garnett Mimms, over and over! I found out later while helping Ms. Pinn move to Westminister-Canterbury that she had a Magnavox console, the Mercedes of hi-fi systems at the time! I wanted to see if it still did...when it came on with a big blast that scared everyone....the volume control was turned all the way up! I almost bought it from her, but I didn't have any more room in my collection for it! Anyway.....Dad finally gave in! My parents always stuck with one brand their whole lives! It was Chevrolet, RCA, Kenmore, Maxwell-house, and Sears-Silvertone! To the Pittman Plaza and we picked out a beautiful console with an AM/FM stereo and a record changer! We couldn't wait to get it delivered! Ok...where to put it, in the living room? Well it ended up in the place.... We didn't use the fireplace for heat, and it had a raised place a few inches off the floor for a hearth. If it was to get out, it would sound great sitting there, and it did! I could hear my "Shotgun" lp by Jr. Walker all the way over to the store across the street! Christmas rolled around, and it was the 24th of new radio, and my sisters Barbie dolls were on the way! Everyone went to sleep to wait for the big day in the morning! I suddenly remembered .....OH NO.....I woke my sister up...emergency! What's wrong?? Hey....Santa can't get in....the hi-fi is in the way! We got to move it without disturbing Mom and Dad! I got on one end and sister got on the other end and we shoved and pushed, and couldn't budge it! Ok....lets both get on one end and try to move it to the floor. After a few shoves, and yanks, we got one end and both legs on the floor, and the other two leggs stayed on the hearth. Mission accomplished, back to bed....Santa could now get in! I would have loved to see Dad's face when he saw that hi-fi sitting halfway out in the floor Christmas morning!! I still have our console in my garage, and it still works! Oh yea....the Barbie dolls and my new radio got down the chimney intact! 

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